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Wild Dakota Flame MH

Owner: Ben Gerlinger and Mary Tyson​

Flame joined our family when Ben was 11-years old.  Ben still remembers staying up all night in the basement as his new puppy cried all night next to his bed.  Flame was a precious and patient member of the family. He was our first pointing hunting dog.  We were spoiled – Wild Dakota Flame was very, very smart and always happy.  He was immediately house trained, barked to go in or out of the house, and knew lots of tricks.  He would also figure out who was the better shot in our group, and hunt with them.   If Flame pointed a bird on the ground or in a tree, there was always a bird. 


Flame earned a American Kennel Club Master Hunter title.  He earned field trial placements in both America Kennel Club, AKC, and National Shoot to Retrieve Association, NSTRA, field trials.

CH Little Bitty Rebella Bullet SH 

Owner: Mary Tyson​

Rebella "Rebe" is the daughter of NSTRA's 32X CH Nolan's Last Bullet and  UFTA's 6xCH Lazy K Little Bit.  She waltzed through the show ring getting her 2 Major titles the first weekend she was old enought to be in the show ring. She earned her show Championship title before I even knew most the rules and terms to the game.


Rebe's prey drive is endless and she absolutely loves to run. She is a fabulous gun dog.  She truly has 'fun' working a bird field hard. She covers grounds very quickly, periodically checking-in to ensure her gunner is still keeping up and is ready for the moment she finds her prize, and then for a few moments there is nothing but joy and pride on her face as she brings a shot bird to hand.   It instantly changes as her eyes plea - 'Please, please, please - you must let me run find another!'   


She is a girly girl at home, and an excellent mother mother to her puppies.  She is super friendly and believes everyone wants to be her friend. 


Rebe has a AKC Show Championship, AKC Senior Hunting title, and placements including a First place against 26 other dogs in National Shoot to Retrieve Association (NSTRA) competiton fields trials.*   

* Human situations have limited the number of NSTRA competition to less than a couple dozen. We are all hoping to see a lot more in the future.  We love the NSTRA game, its the closest we get to off-season hunting

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