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Hudson, WI (near Minnesota)

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Located in Hudson, WI, near Minnesota.  We are a small American Brittany breeder who produces Brittanys who excel in gun dog field competition as well as the show ring. Our adult dogs are pets first, and trained to the level of Master Hunter - retrieving to hand, steady until released. 


The Brittany is considered a very 'soft' family oriented dog that responds to light but firm discipline. The Brittany is a beautiful, people-loving, energetic dog, and an amazing hunter. There is no greater joy than watching your 4-legged companion blaze through a bird field, then suddenly slamming on a point upon scenting a bird.  


While they can lounge and enjoy the comfort of an owner's bed or favorite chair, they will also have puppy energy in an instant.  

Brittanys need a 'job' and to be working at learning new skills, or practice training.   They are always aiming to please, but a bored brittany is bound to get into mischief.  You need a good sense of humor, patience and the knowledge that you'll never, ever, be smarter than your dog. If you have those three things this is probably the breed for you!


If not, that's okay, there are many other wonderful breeds who may be a better fit. But choosing a dog is a 12-15 year commitment, so making sure you get the best fit for your family is important.

Mary Tyson
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